Struggling to get your first info product launched?
Or maybe you have a load of PLR or "ReSale Rights" products to sell
Then listen up, because I'm about to show you...

All-In-One Sales and Reseller Software System is
the Fastest, Easiest Way to Launch Your New
Info Product!

This system does everything for you, including affiliate management, list building, conversion tracking and much, much more!

Sid Hale

Whether you sell ebooks, training courses, memberships, or any other digital product, you're not likely to achieve significant wealth from it . . . unless you leverage the time and energy of others—and that's much easier than you may think!

Let's be real, you're only one person, there's only so much you can do to drive traffic to your site—but imagine dozens or even hundreds of people all driving traffic to your site. It's not hard to see you'd make a lot more money if you had an army of sales people working for you, especially since they only get paid when they produce.

This is called leverage, and that leverage is the key to generating massive targeted traffic to your offer, and a corresponding increase in sales. So how does someone like you or me develop leverage?

Well, if you'll bear with me, I'd like to show you something today that you can put to work right away.

Introducing Rapid Action Profits (PRO)...

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Launch and Sell Info Products, Build your own Affiliate sales force, and Create a Massive Opt-in Mailing List of Proven Buyers


That's a bold claim, but I have good reason to make it. Rapid Action Profits is a complete marketing system of proven strategies, INCLUDING the software that drives the process, mostly on auto-pilot.

Hi, my name is Sid Hale. You may not know me, but I've been in business about twenty-five years, owning my own companies and being my own boss.

What's important to you is that for the last 15 years I've been marketing on the internet, full-time, working out of my home office in a converted bedroom.

Whatever strategies you're using to try to earn a living on the internet, odds are I've done it. I've owned membership sites, sold affiliate products, sold PLR products and Resale Rights products, created my own info products, done some great Joint Ventures, and mentored more people than I can count.

I got tired of cobbling together one script for opt-ins, another for up-sells, yet another for back-end offers, peel-away ads, controlling limited-time or limited-quantity offers, patching into a payment processor, handling affiliate payments...

Whew . . . that was WAY TOO MUCH WORK when it just shouldn't be that hard!

That's why I developed Rapid Action Profits. Rapid Action Profits combines all these components and more in one easy-to-use software sales system!

Rapid Action Profits—my own replicable marketing system—can be used over and over again. It's a solution you can apply to any online market, without having to change a single line of code that controls the system.

You don't have to take my word for how truly remarkable Rapid Action Profits is...

Look What Rapid Action Profits Can Do for YOU...


Sales Management Features

Multiple sales letters, limited quantity offers with "Sold Out" pages, split-testing, pre-launch sequences, opt-ins, conversion tracking, Paypal integration, protected download pages, one-time offers, and entire sales funnels

Compare the ease of RAP to the cost of buying several different scripts from several different merchants, and the headache and time/effort involved with getting them all to work together.

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Benefits by Module

Membership Management Features

Provides one or more password protected areas for your customers to access their product downloads, training tutorials, videos, etc. Customer downloads can be "drip fed" based on their date of purchase.

The provided templates include a sidebar widget to allow you to include one or more special notices, special offers (ads), resource links, etc.

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Benefits by Module

Affiliate Management Features

Recruit "affiliates" (resellers) to YOUR OWN affiliate program rather than sharing in a pool of affiliates "owned" by a huge affiliate network! By having YOUR OWN affiliates...
  1. YOU define the terms of the agreement
  2. YOU can monitor their performance
  3. YOU can contact them directly with new product announcements, etc.
Each affiliate represents an extra traffic source! Rather than paying for traffic to your sales page every time sales slow down, push a special offer or a new product announcement out to your affiliates. Incentivize your affiliates to drive traffic to your offers, or to a new product launch sequence.

With an army of affiliates driving sales just for you, you'll have their undivided attention when you launch new products, hold a special sale, etc.

Rapid Action Profits pays affiliates and JV partners automatically and immediately. Here's what that means for you...

It's much easier to get affiliates and JV partners because they get paid any earned commissions immediately. Unlike most affiliate programs, they don't have to wait 30-60 days to get paid and they don't have to reach a specific sales level. Affiliates love being paid immediately and are much more enthusiastic when they know their efforts bring immediate rewards.

...and it's all AUTOMATIC!!!
You don't have to cut affiliate checks, do mass pays, or even send out 1099's at the end of the year.

With Rapid Action Profits you'll never have to worry about that because affiliates receive their payments directly from the customer, not from you!  Your affiliates are more like a retail store, a reseller, who receives payment directly from the customer, rather than receiving payment from you, after the fact. This frees you from complicated record keeping and filing tax forms for each affiliate. This is a huge time-saver, not to mention great stress relief!

That means whether you have 10 affiliates, 100 affiliates, or even 1,000 affiliates, there's no paperwork to bog you down! You can spend your time where it pays off the best, on creating and launching new products, recruiting more affiliates, and/or negotiating JV partnerships.

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Benefits by Module

Help Desk Features

Rather than using a 3rd party help desk system, or support email, an integrated RAP Pro Help Desk system provides a consistent customer interface that you brand for your own business.

IMPORTANT: Click each bullet item for more feature details.
Benefits by Module

How the Affiliate Commission Works

One scenario...

If you're offering 100% commissions on a product, the affiliate will get paid for every sale that results from his/her affiliate link.  But... you capture the customer onto YOUR buyers' list.  If you immediately make a back-end offer to those buyers, right after they pay for your first offer, you can also make money from that sales campaign, because you can make it a one-time offer (creating a fear of loss), and you can set the commission rates on that offer to anything you like (even 0%, if you want).

Because it's a list of buyers (rather than just tire kickers), it's a responsive list, and you can count on making even more money from later offers sent to that list.

Second scenario...

For this example, assume that you offer less than 100% commissions... you can set the commission rate to anything (0% to 100%) for any front end sale, and you have the same flexibility for the back-end offer. 

When an affiliate sends you a referral that turns into a sale, you get that first sale.  The affiliate always gets the second sale he refers, and after that the sales will rotate based on the commission rate you have set - making sure that your affiliate is always current on with his/her share of earnings.

And, of course, you  can set up a back-end offer on this type of campaign, as well.


Of course, if you don't want to have an affiliate program, you don't have to use the affiliate function—but you'll make more money if you do! Your affiliates will send sales to you that you otherwise wouldn't have gotten.

To everyone who wants more sales...

...grabbing Rapid Action Profits is as much of a no-brainer as there is. When you leverage the energy of a motivated affiliate team—motivated and enthusiastic because they get paid instantly—you'll have a lot more targeted traffic going to your sales pages, and more traffic means more sales.

When you don't have to spend all your time driving traffic to your site, you can develop and launch more products, release them sooner, and get them off to a faster start. In fact, once you have a team of affiliates in place, you can have your affiliates help launch your new products and send a river of cash flooding into your account(s) that much sooner.

Nothing will fatten your bank account faster than multiple income streams all being promoted by your own eager affiliate team—not to mention owning a mailing list of proven, responsive buyers that just keeps growing bigger and better!

Remember, whether you already have a huge list in your niche, or need to recruit affiliates or JV Partners to market for you, Rapid Action Profits will automate all your sales strategies into one cohesive approach that you can use over and over again to take the work out of managing your sales/delivery process.

You can get the Rapid Action Profits system today for the ridiculously low price of only $197.00.

I can't help you decide WHAT to promote, but once you see how easy it is to successfully launch new products, and explode your sales you'll be scrambling for something else to sell so you can repeat the process.

Who is Rapid Action Profits for?

Rapid Action Profits will greatly benefit any website owner selling one or more digital products.
Here's a quick recap of just a few of the benefits:

Build an avid affiliate army to explode your sales.

Have a limited quantity sale with a countdown tracker and sold out page.

Easy split testing to maximize your sales conversions.

Build a high-quality mailing list of proven buyers.

Increase per-customer sales totals with highly targeted one-time offers.

Protect your digital products from unauthorized downloads.

Enjoy extensive sales and affiliate reporting to maximize your program.

Send a targeted broadcast email to everyone, or to specific segments of your list.

Offer better JV commissions to land super affiliates using the separate JV feature.


...and so much more! Seriously, there's nothing like Rapid Action Profits. If I listed every single benefit this page would be so long a lot of people wouldn't bother reading it even though it might be exactly what they're looking for. I'm already pushing my luck with the page length, but there's just so many great things Rapids Action Profits can do for you it's hard not to be extremely enthusiastic!

The Proof is in the Numbers!

Rapid Action Profits has seen terrific acceptance with top marketers—refer to the testimonials above for just a few examples—and the concepts of this system have been proven by well over two thousand internet marketers. I'm so confident in Rapid Action Profits that I'll take all the risk, you risk absolutely nothing...

I Want YOU to Succeed!

WARNING: This low price may not be available long!

Rapid Action Profits has been available for nine years now, so it is a very mature system. We have continually grown the features and functionality to offer more and more capabilities - but now we've revamped it so drastically that we couldn't just offer an upgrade to the legacy system.

Instead, even though we carried over almost all of the legacy functionality, there were so many additions that we had to release RAP Pro as a brand new product!

Don't Miss Out!

At some point I'll have to let market demand dictate the price - not some arbitrary decision made in a strategy session. Leave this page and come back tomorrow and it may cost you more. This price is guaranteed ONLY FOR TODAY!!!

If you don't take action NOW, you could miss out on this special offer.

Here's All You Do...

Click the "Buy Now" button below to go Paypal's secure site where you can use your Paypal account (if you have one) or your credit card.

Once you have made payment, click on the "Return to Merchant" button on the Paypal site.  You will be returned to a page on our site where you will be given a download link to download a single file containing your copy of the Rapid Action Profits software, the Rapid Action Profits User/Installation Guide, and your bonus video and bonus ebooks.

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And it's BIG! So How Did You Miss It?

If you pass on this opportunity you'll be stuck with trying to cobble together a script here, or a pop-up there, looking for "freebies" to give away as an incentive for opt-ins, manually updating limited quantity offers, and the list goes on ...and what about viral marketing? ...or split-testing? ...and all the traffic you'll miss without an affiliate army sending buyers to your site? How will you ever duplicate all that traffic by yourself?

Do you have anything in place today to do those things . . . and more? Go ahead and order right now. I know you'll be happy you did, in fact, I guarantee it 100%!


Rapid Action Profits (PRO) is just 197.00 if you order today. You can have this very powerful software system for controlling your entire sales/delivery cycle with integration to Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN), plus advanced strategies such as split testing and conversion tracking within an hour or two.

P.S. Rapid Actions Profits will take your business—and your income—to the next level. Nothing will grow your business and multiply your income like a good affiliate program, and with the affiliate instant commissions feature, no affiliate program is more attractive to affiliates than this one. Don't forget, with an army of avid affiliates promoting your products, you'll not only make more money, but you'll have more free time that you can use as you wish.

P.P.S. Remember—this price is guaranteed for today only. We've increased the price before and will again. I'll keep it here at least until midnight tonight (EST), but make no promise about what it will cost you tomorrow. If you pass on this now - you may not be able to buy Rapid Action Profits at this price if you wait.

Technical Brief
  • Note*This is software for your website / web server.
  • Programming Language Used : PHP.
  • Database Type Used : MySQL.
  • Documentation Provided : 150+ page PDF User Guide w/ screen shots.
  • PHP 5.5.x+ installed on your server.
  • (1) MySQL database.