Struggling to get your first Sales and Membership Solution launched?
Then listen up, because I'm about to show you...

" Instantly Create Your Turnkey Membership Site and Manage Your Sales and Resellers Using the Most Proficient and Flexible Turnkey Sales and Reseller Management
System - Without Any of the Hassles "


Create Memberships Even Around Currently Existing Sites and/or Content,
or Create a Multitude of New Sites!

Pay and Manage Your Resellers Instantly Without All The Hassles,
While Building Your Membership Registrations



Dear Frustrated Membership Site Owner (or Wanna-be Owner):

Tired of scouring the internet to find a simple, straightforward membership package that gives you the flexibility you need for your particular niche or online business model?

Or, maybe you're tired of having to learn AJAX, PHP, Javascript, or any other number of server-based coding languages - while cobbling together numerous scripts to find all the features you need in a Membership system - only to be disappointed when something doesn't work?

Or, maybe you're using a bloated high-end system that creates an administrative nightmare when you want to change something for your members?  ... or maybe you're just lost in the sea of available options, and can't figure out which is the best membership system for you - so you can get your site up and running quickly, and professionally.

We were just as frustrated as you are, ... but not anymore. You can have your membership site, reseller/affiliate system in place today - literally! -
without any coding experience required!


We Invite You to Steal from Our Decades of
Professional Coding and Development Experience!

Hi, this is Sid Hale & Bill Ortell.

The younger looking guy is Bill and the older one is... well, enough said. 

We're both professional application developers, and internet entrepreneurs. Our business and coding experience spans decades both on and off the net (but we won't tell you exactly how long - because, frankly... you wouldn't believe it if we told you).

We've both worked in the corporate world, both owned our own companies - delivering exclusive coding and development services, and both been marketing solutions online for more than six years.

Steal our experience and take advantage of our professional application development and coding skills to discover how you can quickly and simply Create and Launch your own Membership Site - using a turnkey professional Sales System to instantly create a sea of sales!


Creating and Managing a Membership Site
Is No "Walk in the Park"

We know, it seems that every Membership System you look at has it's own way of tracking members, delivering content, doing "back-end" sales, and they are all structured their own way

But why does it need to be so complex!?

The following are just some of the issues that get in the way of you quickly creating and launching your membership site!

  • Inability to connect with a highly templatized, dynamic and professional sales system that pays my resellers INSTANTLY to help me promote and bring members to my membership site! Because at the end of the day... a great membership site is only going to be as much as you can get the word out and sell or giveaway membership!
    This is a critical - but missing element - to most membership site sales system packages!
  • Lack of rights to install this script on numerous sites that I own! Typically limited to one - and only one!
  • Inability to just "give someone complimentary access" without opening my system up to hackers or making it highly insecure - even if only for a few hours!
  • Lack of flexibility in being able to use my own Content Management System that is not already inside the membership site - like Wordpress, Joomla, Download Links, Online Web Applications, Special Subdirectories, or any other online forms or pages!
  • Inability to protect my blog, web application, special subdirectory, or special discount code links - or many other things that I only want members to have access to but typically need to buy dozens of other plugins and scripts to accomplish!
  • Having to add 3rd-party scripts to try and dually protect my content or patchwork my sales system into a membership site.
  • No built in professional looking templates! So, now you have to spend more money to get that done!
  • Lack of security on who signs-up to your membership site - meaning people who don't even pay can easily sign-up if they know your site code well enough (can you say "loss of sales?")
  • Setup of the membership site takes days and you have to sift thru mountains of bloated code and setup procedures in order to do what you want it to do.
  • Server and Server settings compatibility issues not allowing you to use the software 'out-of-the-box' without having to contact your server administrator to make changes. Requiring the use of files and settings in .htaccess files and/or requiring you to learn mod_rewrite coding - this is a common issue.
  • Server incompatibilities with back-end script protectors like Ion-Cube leave many weary non-coders dismayed as to who to call, what to do to get their script working!
  • Great membership site but absolutely #)%&*#? poor back-end administration, and having to sift through numerous clicks just to have a members' password resent to them!

... and I'm just getting started - yet it's exhausting to list out all of the issues that we've personally had in buying, installing, coding, and using membership scripts!

Owning a Membership Site is paramount in today's online community, and are one of the only true ways to increase your customers' loyalty, while increasing the perceived value of your products and services.




Finally, a Turnkey Highly-Secure Membership Solution with the
Flexibility and Scalability for Coders and Non-Coders Alike Exploiting the Extremely Powerful Rapid
Action Profits Sales System


We run 4 different membership sites - and know what it takes to run a sales system and a membership site while trying to 'live a life' without headaches - and it's extremely hard to do!

That is, it was extremely difficult to do before we put the best sales system and the most flexible and secure membership script together into the same package!


Ultimate Rapid Action Profits Membership Package


This Ultimate Membership Package combines the best of all worlds combined into one succinctly developed and extremely flexible Sales and Membership System.

Here are just a few of the benefits of the Membership Script:

  • Create giveaway memberships! This is HUGE in today's marketplace of building a list of those who want to receive products given to them for absolutely nothing!
  • Create one-time, or recurring subscription payments - easily without knowing the Paypal system whatsoever!
  • Create unlimited membership sites with this package!
  • Specify a limited or unlimited number of membership spots!
  • Create membership sites with ease both in implementation and in managing the features and content.
  • Create membership sites and make your products available as individual products in the RapidActionProfits system, or simply by pushing one button - add your product into your membership site.
  • Manage your members with a 'one-click' Admin Panel with every function being only "one-click" away.
  • Provide a clean organized way of delivering your digital content to your customers.
  • Provide a "TRULY" secure place for members to get access to exclusive download links, special discount links for future products, and special monthly content delivery without having to be a coder.  No need to create tricky redirect links or create a single .htaccess file.
  • Maintain a highly professional look and feel with pre-designed templates only a drop-down away!
  • Allow for an extra sidebar panel in your membership site for extra comments, download links and/or cross-selling other products - maybe even products exclusively discounted to your members only!
  • Provide an extremely secure way for them to register and for you to deliver your goods and services without sacrificing security of open download links.
  • 100% Secure Registration allowing only those who come thru the RapidActionProfit Sales System to have access to your registration form!
  • Charge or giveaway access to sign-up in your membership site.
  • "One-Click" Access turns off/on download page availability for those members
  • You can even TIME-DELAY by Start/End Date or by 'x' number of Days after Purchase. Or setup the content delivery to be set to a particulary month and day and year!
  • Or simply add new content "at your leisure" - using your download page as a way to deliver the content - the way RapidActionProfits Owners have done since it's inception over 14 months ago!
  • No need to setup hard-coded, tricky unlimited expiration dates on particular links for members to access (ie. download link URLs)! Thus, a highly-secure and protected system.
  • Allows you to sell content individually  - AS WELL AS provide PAYING members, exclusive "free", or limited time access to particular download pages.
  • "One-Click" Resend of Member's Password - believe it or not - one of the most commonly request issues of membership sites is simply resending a member their password - even though there's a 'forgot password - recovery' tool built-in to the membership site itself.
  • "One-Click" Auto-Login into Member's Account to Diagnose issues or test their account settings.
  • "One-Click" Admin Override of Member's access... with the ability to LOCK and/or UNLOCK a Member from access to their account.
    This is extremely useful in the case where you want to allow someone access - even though their payment has been denied, cancelled or refunded. Or, if you've got a member that's a nuisance - and you just want to block their access to the site.
  • Protect one or innumerable pages, scripts or web applications with just a few lines of code to copy and paste.
  • Easily propogate your site among innumerable directories and files with the use of two extra lines of code to copy/paste giving your membership site the feeling of extreme depth and largeness!
  • AJAX interface for filtering and sorting Members, "one-click" management.



Plus, Highly-Secured Member Access Protection - Allowing Your To Protect Sites, Blogs, Scripts, and More!


two lines of code in the Want to secure or protect access to your Wordpress Blog?

Or, a totally different subdirectory or any other directory on that domain with your RAP Membership Site?

Again, Solved with the Rapid Action Profits Membership Package!!!

  • Fully Protect your Wordpress Blog without ANY plugins whatsoever required!
  • Completely integrated RAP Sales System eliminates need to use other third-party, un-certified scripts to protect your blog content!
  • Securely protect any directory's site/program!

... and many other uses, with only TWO to THREE LINES of code to be inserted into the main file (i.e. index.php).



Even Membership Sites Need a
Simple Sales Management System
to Build Your Membership


This Membership Package contains innumerable benefits and features, but to summarize just a few of the benefits of the Exclusive RapidActionProfits Membership Package:

  • Want a way to share revenues between two site owners? ... or maybe give a percentage of sales to a developer to create your product for you when you don't have the money to pay them "up-front".  Our new "Equity Partner" feature allows just that, and the partner gets paid Immediately (just like affiliates) as sales are made.
  • Flash up a One-Time Offer while your customer is still in the "buying" mood.  Before your new customer gets to your download page, you can offer a product that complements the one they just bought.  This is a very targeted offer for best results.  And because it is a One Time Offer, there is a built in fear of loss that's been proven time and again to increase conversions.
  • Easy to use templates for your Sales Pages, Squeeze Page, One-Time Offer Page, and Download Pages means you can get your product sales site set up, ready to take orders in an hour or two.
  • Grow your opt-in list with paying customers by offering them automatic upgrades or extra surprise bonuses for entering their contact info into your squeeze page (just before you send them to the download page).   This puts paying customers onto your opt-in list instead of the tire-kickers you get from handing out "freebies".
  • Integration with Paypal's Instant Payment Notification (IPN) virtually eliminates any worry about fraudulent sales.  Your download page isn't shown until AFTER Paypal confirms the payment.
  • Split Test different versions of your sales page, automatically tracking visitors and sales to each version of your page so you can "tweak" your headlines, sales copy, benefits list, or any other part of your sales pages to achieve the highest possible conversion rate.
  • Use the simple web-based admin panel to configure all of the different strategies (even turn them on/off), and view your Sales Reports, and Conversion tracking, or export sales statistics to your local machine for spreadsheet analysis.
  • Rapid Action Profits' test mode allows you to test your setup using a Paypal "sandbox" account to make sure everything works "just right" before you switch to "live" mode for your product launch (with a single click of your mouse).
  • Protect your downloads with hidden download links that can't be forwarded and used by someone else.  And set them to expire after a certain amount of time to make your downloads even more secure.
  • Incorporate a squeeze page for any auto responder service (even a self-hosted service), or use the automatic opt-in feature to sign your customers up to your list without a squeeze page or opt-in form. That means you don't need a squeeze page to capture contact info from your customers, and that streamlines your sales process by eliminating a step that many customers will resent anyway 
  • Choose the By-Pass Squeeze Page option, and still broadcast mail to your customers directly from the Rapid Action Profits Admin Panel.
  • Broadcast mail to front-end and OTO customers separately.  That means your follow up emails can be more targeted based on what the customer purchased and how much they were willing to spend. 
  • The detailed sales reports have a one-click 'filter' option that allows you to look at just front-end sales, OTO sales, or both.
  • Customize the automatic 'system' emails rather than using 'canned' text for the customer download email or the email from the 'tell-a-friend' function.


The Power of Residual Earnings!


  • With the Rapid Action Profits Membership Package, you can manage fees to any membership site or subscription-based product/service that you have been thinking of starting or currently run.  You get recurring payments for as long as someone remains a member.
  • Give a trial period (heck, give TWO Trial Periods) on your Membership! Why two!? Because you can! Didn't know that!? Well, our tool allows you to quickly set that up without changing a SINGLE thing in your sales page! Nice, eh?
  • Combine the Trial Period concept with a "paid up" or "lifetime" membership... offer a FREE (or low-fee) Trial for 1-Day or several days, and then follow it up with a one-time charge (or again spread those charges over 2 or 3 installments).  This is a piece of cake to setup within the PayPal Subscription Add-On for RAP.
  • Try creating an ANNUAL or a TRI-monthly subscription if you'd like, or for really fast-updating products - creating a weekly subscription as well works great! All of these are simple to create in a matter of LITERALLY seconds!



Setup of Recurring Subscription Payments
via PayPal is a Snap!

Setup a regular recurring subscription with ease using the built-in, fully functional Paypal Subscription Button Generator.

Easily setup a subscription for your product within seconds.

  • No complex token placment!
  • No 'special PHP/Fancy code' to place in your pages.

Just Point-N-Click, and voila... your Membership's PayPal Subscription is Setup in less than a few seconds!

No external button creation program, no need to go to PayPal's Development site to understand how to use their subscription button... just point and click your way to a clean, simple membership subscription setup. It takes just seconds... with NO HTML/PHP/MYSQL experience required!



Grow Your Membership by Letting Affiliates Bring You Traffic

Your own network of affiliates is one of the cheapest, yet most productive ways to get highly targeted traffic to your web site. 

Affiliates "pre-sell" your offer to drive people to your site, so the visitors they send have at least some idea of (and interest in) what they are going to see when they get there - and This Traffic Costs You NOTHING unless that visitor buys!

All you need is to get affiliates interested in promoting your membership.  Give them a good variety of quality  promotional tools, and their recurring income from your Membership System will keep them promoting your membership long into the future.

  • Allow "affiliates" to sell your product.  Affiliates are paid instantly, and you don't have to manage affiliate payments.  Affiliates sign up like any conventional affiliate program and they get an affiliate center with Stats, Affiliate Tools, and more!
  • Affiliates get a recurring income stream, too!  Multiple payments for promoting your membership - versus just a typical one-time email campaign for a one-time payout without any future income expected.
  • Affiliates are more likely to preserve that residual income and will keep promoting your subscription based product to their 'lists' without you telling them to do so... why? because they're motivated to preserve their recurring income!
  • Give your affiliates a "Tools" page  with sample Adsense' ads, peel-away ads, sample email ads, articles, etc.  One of the "top-rated" affiliate management scripts just released this as an add-on to their product for $47 (more if you want to remove the link back to the merchant's site) - it's been FREE with RAP since our initial release and you can remove the link back to us at your will, or change it to an affiliate link to make more money off us!
  • Make Your Sales Page go VIRAL by offering 100% commissions paid out immediately on your front-end product to anyone with a Paypal account.  Or a special commission rate for JV Partners.  Or any combination of these.  These options make it easy to find people to help promote your offer.  (Make the same offer to your customers and your list of affiliates will grow even more as your customer list grows).
  • Allow affiliates or JV Partners to choose their own affiliate ID or "nickname" by signing up to your affiliate program.  Their Paypal address is cloaked.
  • Recruit higher quality JV Partners by setting up increased commissions for JV Partners and Super Affiliates, or allow them to download a review copy of your product for personal use.
  • Broadcast mail to JV Partners or affiliates directly from your Rapid Action Profits Admin Panel.
  • Discount Coupon management allows you to set a discounted price with an expiration date.  Great for special sales.  Create a Discount Coupon and give the code to your affiliates so they can make special, limited time offers to their member or readers. 
  • 'Sales by Referrer' report lets you see how many sales have been generated by each affiliate, and how many of those were paid to you, how many to the affiliate, and (if you're using the 2-tier option) how many were paid to the 2nd tier affiliate.



Full Documentation and Videos are
Included Along with Forum and Skype Support

a quick, fun, easy-to-read format with 
			illustrations and detailed explanations.
You will also have a comprehensive, fully-detailed Quick Reference Guide to rely upon including Step-by-Step Instructions on doing just about anything with this Membership Plus Addon. Most importantly, we detail very quickly for you how to get your site up and running in less than 5 minutes as stated throughout this page.

We even detail in this Quick Reference Guide all of the variables/files that you may want to have access to - template and layout files, variables pertaining to the membership site to name a few of them.





 "You've Accomplished What $7,292.50 and 2 Years Failed To Do!"



Dear Sid & Bill,

I stopped a launch because of YOU!

That's right - as soon as I caught wind that Bill's RAP Membership Add-On was ready for release, I put the breaks on the launch of one of the single largest membership sites the "Mulac Family Marketers" have ever offered.


Because even in the weeks leading up to my launch, I was still at the mercy of programmers and software that wasn't doing everything I wanted. 

But there was no doubt in my mind that the minute RAP was combined with membership capabilities it would be the answer to everything I've been seeking. (And something that 7 programmers and $7,292.50 in custom software mods couldn't previously accomplish!)

As it currently stands, I won't take on a client or coaching student without them first investing in RAP - because quite frankly, there's no faster path to profits...

And if someone is serious about their online success, then RAP is where the path to the top starts - PERIOD!

Now, with the addition of the Membership Add-On, the range of income options has grown exponentially and the opportunity for passive residual income has just been handed to marketers on a silver platter.

Not only has the best been made even better - this powerful combo has raised the bar in Membership Marketing covering every aspect from the ease of use, top notch technical support, superior usability, and first class professional presentation.

Fortunes will be made in the years to come and it all starts here!

Congratulations guys for making history! But most important - thanks for allowing ME to do the same!

- Stephanie Mulac


 "I found your customer support to be an A+"... 



This is an awesome software program. I'm used to most scripts being overhyped, but I found RAP to be an almost perfect tool for selling online and using a 100% commission affiliate program.

Right now I have several products set up on it with 2 more planned to come very soon. I love how easy it is to split test sales letter (I'm a testing freak) and easily run one time offers after the sale for additional profits.

And I have to congratulate you on one item people often don't even think about...customer support. It's completely lacking today in internet marketing, yet I found your customer support to be an A+ with resolving the one issue I had."

- Terry Dean



 "Now I can send all my clients to one place to get the ONLY Profit Producing Software Package they will EVER need!"



Hey Guys,

First off, I want to say that it has been a real experience working with RAP since before it came out. As one of the first beta testers, I could see the Marketing Power it offered from Day 1.

I call it my 'Total Marketing Solution'.

I have built the core of my business around RAP and have many clients I do work for full time that have made the switch. The ease and functionality that RAP offers for sales processing and affiliate management is unsurpassed.

Not to mention the 'always ready' support Sid has provided.

But the ability to incorporate a Full Blown Membership site to the mix was always missing, until Bill came along with his Membership Plus Add On.

This was the missing piece of the puzzle.

So, I was Blown completely Out when you two said you were going to package it all together at an Amazing Price. Now I can send all my clients to one place to get the ONLY Profit Producing Software Package they will EVER need.

This WILL be the Sales Solution for 2009.

The 'Rap Doctor' gives it a BIG Two Thumbs Up!

- John Burnette



 "A recent $9,700 week from a quick promo
was ONLY possible because of RAP"...




I've been using ... no, scratch that ... PROFITING with RAP for several months now.

I used to think that to list your own offer online, you simply needed: a product, a domain name, hosting and a merchant account.  Not anymore. My offers don't go live if RAP isn't what powers them... my info products, my software, my quick offers are all powered by RAP now. One of the single best and most useful software products I have ever bought.

In fact, I sell a pretty unique and powerful software of my own. If a client had to choose between my own software or installing RAP for their direct response offers, I'd send them right over here.

A recent $9,700 week from a quick promo was ONLY possible because of RAP. It would have been a $970 week without it, I'm almost certain.

Can't say enough good things about this thing!"

- Rob Toth, Vancouver, B.C., Canada



 "I just wanted to say a one huge THANK YOU..."



Hi Bill,

I just wanted to say a one huge THANK YOU for all your support throughout the setting up of the RAP Membership add-on. I had already purchased the PayPal subscription add-on and was so impressed, it didn't take me long to get my copy of the Membership add-on too. However being a complete novice when it came to a bit of coding, I was overwhelmed by the speed and the size of your help.

I just added up the number of emails that we sent back and forth, PURELY on helping me get everything perfect for my site and it comes to a total of 109 over the course of 9 days!! (I have have to add here my utter admiration for your patience with me too Bill).

I have been in the Internet marketing circles for over 4 years now and I have to say that your support, kindness and general "down-to-earth"ness is  second to none. 

All in all, I'm extremely happy with the PayPal subscriptions add on, I'm massively impressed by the membership add-on... but the fact that they come with your support, advice, and guidance  - is overwhelming.

I'm ABSOLUTELY certain that as soon as your next product comes available - Ill be your first customer.

Thanks again,

- Dan Vaughan




"JV Partners Are Coming To Me..."


Dear Sid & Bill,

As an author, consultant and motivational speaker, I have only recently arrived on the Internet Marketing scene and in my niche, I had never even heard of RAP before my partner told me about it.

Then, when we launched our first offer using RAP I couldn't believe how many JV Partners are suddenly lining up to promote for us.

Because of the way RAP handles affiliate signups, commission payouts and tracking - the JV partners in my niche are begging me to get more of my products on RAP so they can sell for me!

Every single idea I've had about how to position myself and my products online have been answered with the capabilities of RAP and the Membership Add-On and lucky for me I found it before years of trial and error elsewhere.

I'm looking forward to a long-term relationship with you both and grateful that I'll never need to look elsewhere for the best product delivery solution online!

- Dr. Patrick K. Porter




This Should be a "No-Brainer" Purchase if You're Wanting to Earn Online and Cut the Learning Curve In Half!

 ... because the Rapid Action Profits Membership Package can help you launch as many membership sites as you want, and help you manage those memberships so that you're not spending all day, every day to do it.  You can concentrate on finding/creating new content for your members (and new back-end products to offer them).

Let's face it!  It's time to quit downloading bits of software, ebooks, and videos onto your hard drive to gather dust, trying to find something that will help you build an online business. 

The Rapid Action Profits Membership Package has been designed to be easy to install and easy to use so that you WILL profit from using it immediately.



And to Make This Even Easier...

In other words, you take absolutely NO risk.  If you aren't satisfied with this Rapid Action Profits Membership Package for any reason - ask for a refund, and it'll be granted.  It's that simple, because if we part ways and you're still happy - maybe we'll do business again in the future. 

Warning - This Offer is a Truly Limited Time Offer
And, it WILL INDEED Be Increasing soon!


And for a Very Limited Time... You Will the Entire
Ultimate Rapid Action Profits Membership Package

For Only $297.00

Available for a Limited Time Only!
Secure Payments
Made Through PayPal




We really hope you see the benefit in the Rapid Action Profits Membership Package, and take advantage of this terrific offer. 

It'll make your life easier - and we're sure you won't regret it.

Sid Hale & Bill Ortell



P.S. Remember.  You get this very powerful Rapid Action Profits Membership Package for controlling your entire sales/delivery cycle, with integration to Paypal Instant Payment Notification (IPN), advanced strategies such as split testing and conversion tracking, a powerful mailing system to contact your affiliates and members/customers, and the Membership Plus and Paypal Subscription modules. 

You get the Rapid Action Profits User/Installation Guide - and another for the Membership Plus module.  Embedded 'how-to' videos will help you get started, and you can refer back to them as often as you want when setting up new sites.

You'll also have access to our private customer support forum where we discuss new strategies and new features. Oh - and provide very personalized help if you have a problem.

P.P.S. Don't forget.  This is price is guaranteed for today only.  We'll keep it here at least until midnight tonight (EST), but make no promise about what it will cost you tomorrow.  If you pass on this now - you may not be able to buy the Rapid Action Profits Membership Package at this price when you come back tomorrow.


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